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Facebook Group Helping Identify Suspected Criminals in Penticton
You use facebook to post photos, share thoughts and catch up with friends, but how about using it to catch criminals? That's what Leigh Follestad, owner of the Smart Shopper in Penticton decided to do when two people broke into ... Read More...

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Stephen Colbert retires his 'Report,' and the host he played, with wisecracks and a singalong

NEW YORK, N.Y. - Stephen Colbert is dead.



What's the creative fallout from the Sony scandal? Can Hollywood overcome self-censorship?

LOS ANGELES, Calif. - Sony's decision to cancel "The Interview" in the face of terrorist threats is already affecting the way Hollywood does business. It has outraged artists, killing their faith in studios to release edgy content. But it's also inspired a rare hush across a usually chatty industry as everyone from moguls to makeup artists takes stock of the scandal and how it could affect their jobs.



Art Spiegelman doesn't want 'Maus' movie; launches AGO exhibition

TORONTO - Comics master Art Spiegelman says he's rejected multiple offers to make a film adaptation out of his Pulitzer Prize-winning, Holocaust-themed graphic novel "Maus," and he'll continue to do so.


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